Got Questions? Hope this helps!

Q – Is this festival $20 total, or is it $20 each day?

A - $20 buys you access to both days of the event! You will also be allowed to donate additional money to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and Downtown Visions during the event.


Q – Where can I buy tickets?

A – Please click the Tickets button at, you will then need to create an account with Passage Ticketing


Q - How to I watch the stream after I purchase?

A – Easy! You will be emailed a link to watch after you purchase, or, you can go to this link - -  or visit and click the Watch The Festival button. You will need to log in to the account you created to watch.


Q – When does the event start and finish?

A – The event will start at 5:00pm on both Monday 6/29, and Tuesday 6/30. The event will last approximately three and a half hours each night.


Q – What if I’m not available between 5:00pm-8:30pm, can I watch later?

A – Yes! The event will remain active for twelve hours on each day after the live stream, and even if you can’t start on time, you can rewind up to thirty minutes during the live stream.


Q – What happens after twelve hours, can I watch or purchase the footage at a later date?

A – No, this is a two day only event, that will not be broadcast at a later date or available for download.