About Gable Music Ventures

Gable Music Ventures is a business located in Wilmington, Delaware, owned by Gayle Dillman, and Jeremy Hebbel. The business formed in 2012 when Gayle Dillman noticed there were no opportunities for her 15 year old daughter to perform her original music. After renting the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn and putting on a successful event so her daughter could perform, Gayle Dillman decided to launch a business to offer more opportunities for young musicians in Wilmington.  She decided to partner with Jeremy Hebbel, a friend and Wilmington born and raised musician with a passion for improving the local scene. 

Gable Music Ventures offers a variety of entertainment services to other businesses, doing what they can to increase the size of the local music scene by finding additional opportunities for musicians.  The company is known locally for putting live music wherever someone wants it, including inside the ShopRite locations in Delaware.  In addition to handling the entertainment programming for many local businesses, the company also puts on several successful events year round including, the Ladybug Festival, Smyrna at Night, and A Night of Stardust.  

The business is a for profit business, with a mission to employ independent artists, bolstering the local creative economy, and ultimately helping Wilmington become a much more attractive place to live and visit. 


Co-Founders of Gable Music Ventures, Gayle Dillman and Jeremy Hebbel, watching Lauren Ruth Ward close out the 7th annual Ladybug Festival in 2018 at The Queen. 

gable team.jpg

Gable Music Ventures, clockwise from left: Nathalie Antonov, Bryce Fender, Joey Heins, James Riley, Lauren Kachmar, Lauren Kuhne, and Baci. Jeremy and Gayle up top.