2019 artist Appications closed

Our Appication period for the 2019 Ladybug Festivals is over. Applications for 2020 will open on January 1st 2020.

Application FAQ

What are the qualifications for consideration?

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Are there any age restrictions for consideration?

No! All ages are welcome to apply for consideration, we've booked artists as young as 11 and well into their 70's!

Do you have opportunities for all genres?

Every year we make an effort to have a very diverse lineup in terms of genres. However, we have fewer venues available for EDM, Metal, Punk, and Rap. It doesn't mean we don't ever select artists in those genres, it just means we tend to have fewer acts in those genres than we do others.

Why do I have to pay a fee?

Reviewing artist applications takes a lot of time and resources. The application fee helps make putting on the Ladybug Festival possible. Since our event is free to attend and we have no ticketing revenue, this application fee along with sponsorship dollars, vendor fees, and venue fees, is how we are able to cover the costs of putting on the event. 

Do you pay your artists?

 Yes we do, every artist selected is compensated. 

Is the fee refundable if I'm not selected?

 No, the fee is non refundable.

Is there one fee for consideration to both festivals?

 Yes, your fee will put you in for consideration to both the Wilmington, and Milford Ladybug Festivals, however, on the application form you can select one or the other if you have a preference.