7th Annual Ladybug Festival Sizzle Reel - Footage by Planet Ten and Billy D Productions LLC, Edited by Erica Harper Dillman. "Keep Falling Over" Copyright Outcalls


2017 Ladybug Festival promotional video filmed by Planet Ten Media, edited by Erica Harper Dillman. "Trouble in Mind" copyright Larkin Poe

2016 Official
Ladybug Festival Video

Promotional video filmed at the 2016 Ladybug Festival by Erica Harper Dillman.

2015 Official
Ladybug Festival Video

Video filmed at the 2015 Ladybug Festival featuring interviews and live footage. Filmed by Springwood Productions

Caroline Rose live at
2016 Ladybug Festival 

Fan video captured of Caroline Rose headlining the 2016 Ladybug Festival

Nalani & Sarina live at
2016 Ladybug Festival

Nalani & Sarina play their original song "We'll be Free" during the 2016 Ladybug Festival.

Vanessa Collier live at
2016 Ladybug Festival

Fan video of Vanessa Collier performing on the main stage of the 2016 Ladybug Festival.

Megan Knight live at
2016 Ladybug Festival

Fan video of Megan Knight performing a cover of Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul"